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Death in the Fog

“From the first page to the last, this story is pervaded by the atmosphere of horror and suspense that invariably marks the work of Mignon G. Eberhart. A murder, to her, is something more than a mere crime puzzle to be worked out for the entertainment of the reader. It is a tragic event which deeply affects the destinies of those who are in any way involved.”
—New York Times

While the Patient Slept

On a blustery February day Sarah Keate arrives at a gloomy mansion to nurse old Adolph Federie, bedbound after a stroke. Meeting the patient sets off an alarm inside her, but fleeing the house is impossible.The redoubtable red-haired nurse is stuck there with a strange coterie and a black cat named Genevieve.

Winner of the Scotland Yard prize.

The House on the Roof

“Though female sleuths are the rage today, Eberhart broke new ground with the introduction of Nurse Sarah Keate. . . . Eberhart’s timing and gothic atmosphere [in While the Patient Slept] are second to none.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The story is convincingly told, the characters are lifelike, and the police procedure is a pleasant relief from the usual methods attributed to the Chicago force.”
—[London] Times Literary Supplement